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Lois lives life to the fullest, travels often and loves craftwork.

Living life to the fullest, Lois travels the world

Born in New Zealand, I spent my early life in Nelson, married and then lived in Wellington, Invercargill, Twizel and back to Nelson where my partner and I own a small townhouse near a beautiful beach.

I work in Britain for around 10 months of the year which allows me to tour all over Europe, usually on budget trips, which has enabled me to visit many countries, enjoy different cultures and meet interesting people.

The purpose of this website is to share some of the places I have been, to show some of the photos I have taken and to hopefully work out how to operate a website!!

I welcome communication from family and friends all over the world.

Working in United Kingdom

I have been working in Britain for over nine years now.

I am a Live-In carer which means I have been to 20 people's houses and lived with them 24/7 to assist them to be able to enjoy independent living. Most have been elderly but some have been younger people who had differing health issues and I have been able to help them with all personal care as well as full housekeeping etc. 

I did that for nearly five years with an agency but over four years ago I left the agency and now look after just one young man who has serious Multiple Sclerosis and I live in his flat and we enjoy an extremely good relationship as I care for him. He has a great sense of humour so that gets us through some unusual experiences.

His flat is in Heaton Mersey, near Stockport, south of Manchester. I am close to buses, the airport, the railway station and good shopping in a big town or small villages. 


Travelling the world

As I have been to many countries I have spent some time writing about my travels on Ciao, Dooyoo and now 360Travelguide. I do not write for the first two anymore but have put their  URL addresses/sites on my LINKS on here and you may like to catch up with some of my roamings on them.

I have enjoyed writing some short reviews for 360Travelguide and have inserted the site for them under LINKS .I've also got some photos on Flickr.com ... you will find this in my LINKS too.

I am mostly a budget traveller - for transport and accommodation so as to make more money available for the attractions and cultural experiences when I am in a country/destination. It is my belief that you are hardly in your accommodation so make it budget and use valuable travel dollars to get out there and enjoy all there is to experience.  

I do so appreciate the history of Europe: the cathedrals, abbeys, stately homes, palaces, stained-glass windows, huge, impressive gardens and ancient modes of transport. Coming from a relatively NEW country (NZ) the history dating back hundreds of years just so amazes me.

My favourite places in Europe are Bruges in Belgium, Salzburg in Austria, Sorrento (Amalfi Coast, Isle of Capri) in Italy, Pompeii ruins, Bergamano in northern Italy, Rome, Paris and the Palace of Versailles,  the island of Majorca in the Mediterranean ,Barcelona in Spain,  Ireland, lots of villages in Britain and so many other attractions in UK I cannot mention them all.

Britain: Blenheim Palace, Hampton Court Palace and Gardens, Warwick Castle are MUST SEE venues when in Britain and my favourite villages include : Castle Combe, most of the Cotswolds but especially Bourton-on-the-Water, Stanton, Stow-on-the-Wold, Broadway and Lower Slaughter and fishing ports in Devon and Cornwall: Mousehole and Mevagissey, St Austell and Clovelley, not to forget Lynmouth in north Devon.

Thinking of the most memorable things I have seen I have to mention several:

The CAVES OF DRACH in western Majorca are deep, stunningly 'underworld' presentation with the most awesome, still, lake deep underground - you sit in a ''theatre'' in darkness and quietly three dinghies - lit with bulbs- come out and on them are violinists playing classical music.  It reaches a crescendo as a sunrise in the cave, across the water - it is AMAZING.

The Kings Battle area of WARWICK CASTLE is set up with Madame Tussaud's figures (animal and human) in bays which depict the castle inhabitants getting ready for a historic war in which the duke actually died. You walk through and learn so much and it really is presented in a most credible and educational manner. The horse winks at you and there is an ''aroma'' about him as he stands in his stall. The torture chamber here is HORRID and spine-chilling.

POMPEII... is a must see if in Italy. I have been twice and each time I see so many new things. It is eerie to walk in the ruins and to see Mt Vesuvius nearby and to know the fury and terror it forced, so suddenly, on this community all those hundreds of years ago. Seeing plaster of paris 'people and animals' presented just as they were when the ash hit is so humbling. (You see the tortuous twist of their bodies as they were caught in terror!)  When excavators come upon a 'person' they pump plaster of paris into the hole formed and then lift out a 'person' as they were when the hot ash hit.!!!

HAMPTON COURT PALACE AND GARDENS, out of London is a place I have visited around five times. It is presented so well as the way differing Kings of England have lived in this stunning palace. I particularly  like the gardens here as they are diverse: formal and acres of others. Go for the whole day, you will need it to see everything inside and out.

PALACE OF VERSAILLES I have visited around 5 times too. I usually go out for a day visit but not with tours. They only take you there for a couple of hours but you need all day. The chapel here is so fantastic and the Hall of Mirrors has to make this the ''8th Wonder of the World'' in my view.

The Oberammergau Passion Play - in Oberammerau, Germany. This is acted from May to September every ten years by 2000 of the 5000 villagers. In the 1600s, during a plague, the villagers told God that if he spared them further deaths they would put on the Passion of Christ every ten years.  The deaths stopped and they continue this spectacle to this day.

Bernina Express: in the Swiss Alps - we went from St Moritz to Tirano. Amazing scenery, just so high up in the stunning mountains, lakes and looking down on villages which looked like toy towns.

The Matterhorn. Huge, majestic and ever so scenic from where-ever you view it  - we saw it from the mountain town of Zermatt. What a splendid town with thousands of floral baskets hanging from beautiful, wooden buildings. Loved Zermatt.

Exciting travels: went with my family to Samoa where my late husband, Adrian used to work 50 years ago. We LOVED it,  slightly primitive in a great way, flora and fauna absolutely stunning, people friendly and happy.  What a great place to holiday. A place we will return to. Superb.

Went on the most fantastic Cosmos/Archers Direct 2-week coach tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco in July 2011. It was AMAZING.... did so much, saw so many new and exciting things and was so interested in new cultures. What a great bunch of 41 travellers who were so well served by the tour director and a capable coach driver. Really neat trip, did it with Lois and Pam, Kiwi friends who holiday with me in the northern hemisphere every two years. 

In May 2012 I accompanied a Nelson friend on her 65th Birthday trip -  a coach tour of Eastern European Cities for two weeks... we went to Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. What a superb holiday with a sobering visit to Auschwitz which was extremely moving and emotional. 

In September 2012 I went to Egypt which had been a longtime plan of mine. I went with another Nelson girlfriend and we did a week-long River Nile Cruise and then stayed in Luxor and Cairo.  Seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx had to be the highlight but standing on the Aswan Dam after knowing all about its construction due to temples having to be shifted etc made it so memorable.  Temples, tombs and other ancient history were so interesting and opened my eyes to a part of history I did not know much about.


In May 2013 I will accompany my daughter Kerry to Italy for her 40th birthday... along with my sister and her daughter. We have centred the trip around a week-long cooking school in Cortona (north of Rome)... that should be so wonderful. 


See my Photo Gallery for some of my travel photos.

If you are planning to come to the Northern Hemisphere, and I can help you in any way, I do like to assist with general knowledge so email me and let me know what you want out of your holiday. If I can, I will help you get the best out of your travel money. Preferential email:  loisronberg@gmail.com   or loismerv@hotmail.com.

Quote: We live only to discover beauty, All else is a form of waiting. (Kahil Gibran)

 Quote : Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. (Helen Keller)

Quote: There are always flowers for those who want to see them. (Henri Matesse)


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